Vasudhaa Narayanan explores the complexities of identity, domesticity and gender through conceptual photographs, sculptural elements and performance. Her work is situated within the context of an Indian diaspora, using photography and sculpture to create altars for quotidian objects, narrativizing the displacement and isolation of being an outsider in one's own home. She is interested in confronting ideas of otherness within the patriarchal frameworks of culture and provokes one to question their biases towards the female abject. 

Narayanan is an artist from Bangalore, India. She has exhibited internationally at venues such as Le Roy Neiman Gallery (New York, NY); the Goethe Institut (India); and recently throughout San Francisco including the Swell Gallery (San Francisco, CA).

She now lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Curriculum  Vitae

b. Bangalore, India 1991

Group Shows



          November 17th - 28th: The Abject Goddess, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

          December 5th - 10th: Group Show, Bass and Reiner, San Francisco, CA


          American Typhoon, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

          Wikihow To Set Up an Art Exhibition, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

          Sanctuary, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

          Summer Photo Intensive, Le Roy Neiman Gallery, New York, NY

2016, Some in 8 Billion, Goethe Institut, Bangalore, IN


2017, MFA, San Francisco Art Institute in Studio Art

2016, Summer Photo Intensive, Columbia University, NY 

2012, BBM, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Singapore

         Summer Business Intensive, New York University, NY

2011, Summer Finance School, Boston University, MA

2009, Indian School Certificate, Bishop Cotton Girls' School, Bangalore, IN


2015, Event Manager, Kitsch Mandi, Mumbai, IN

          Digital Media Manager, Skarma Communications and Consultancy, Mumbai, IN

2014 - 15, Assistant Account Executive, Ogilvy & Mather Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, IN