NYC - Day 1

New York, New York. It's just about as amazing as described in the books, movies and love stories. What makes it so special is the element of surprise and randomness associated with it all. I have had such an incredible experience in this city and it would really be a shame if I didn't share it with anyone but my journal. I'm going to try to be as honest as possible and change the names or just mention maybe the initials of any individuals I talk about (as there will be many - NY is all about them people y'all!) as I wouldn't want to offend anyone!

I really hope my posts inspire you to travel, learn more about people, educate yourself and more than anything, make you happy.

So I landed at 1 pm in JFK. The flight from Paris was nice, comfortable and filled with the cutest french flight attendants! I may not have mentioned my love for the french culture yet, but you will know. I promise you, you may even get annoyed. Anyway, they were so friendly, trying to speak with me in the little embarrassing french I know - "Merci beaucoup, oui je l'aime ca" or "Ah, tu est tres beau"! No I didn't say the latter, but I wish I did. On landing, there was this immediate separation for US citizens and les autres. They got to go through the immigration within half an hour while we waited for 3 and a half hours. I KID YOU NOT. It was a painful long wait in the queue with russians in front of me and a german with terrible breath trying to make conversation with an incredibly jet lagged indian girl (me) who was in NO MOOD for any of that talk. He was however nice enough to lend me his phone to make a call to my cousin to let her know I made it alive. So for that, thanks Mr. German.

I finally made it out at 3:30 pm, flagged a yellow cab, movie style (minus the sexy outfit and the high heels - I was in good old sweats and fit flops) and made my way to Lower Manhattan. The cabbie was a nice chinese guy who understood my state of exhaustion, offered me water and let me soak in all that NY energy without a word. It was a mutual understanding that we'd speak to each other when it came to the tips. We reached my cousin's place on 1st avenue and he helped me unload my luggage, paid the tips and scooted off.

My sweet cousin, En.V, made me food, yummy yummy food. (I know i'll get hit for the sarcasm!) Rice, brussels sprouts and egg curry among other things. We ate, gossiped, I whined (I do that A LOT) and I slept.

It was good to be in New York, feel like a New Yorker and do New Yorker things. Walking down the street would be New Yorker, cause no two people are the same, definitely not in this city. It's all so individual, so unique and it's what makes this city the greatest city in the world.