Gravity - Sara Bareilles cover !

[youtube=] SO thats the link :) I finally got around to making my first cover.

I don't know why I was so hesitant or shy but I've waited a really really long time to make my first cover and I finally mustered the courage to do it! I've been listening to this song for months now and I guess my decision to choose Gravity by Sara Bareilles as my first cover was easy cause of how beautiful the lyrics are. I adore this song and I honestly really hope you'll like it too. I'd also like to dedicate each song to someone who's influenced me or has had an impact on me, big or small; or if the song just reminds me of a memory associated with them. This being my first, is for my Mother, for putting me into singing classes and forcing me to take part in singing competitions even though I didn't particularly enjoy it as much. I'm so glad you did, thank you Ma :) Do tell me what you guys think!