I found July in November

Your knees locked in the curves of mine

Round floor beds

Orange and white sheets

I trace you with my fingertips

outlining your unshaved chin; your firm chest.

dust collects on your windowsill

just like I collect memories of you,

of drunken nights and smiling eyes

I kiss you, so you kiss me back

your arm, cups my breasts

Lucy,  Darling Lucy..

Your chivalry is not conventional

its adolescent –

handsome, rough

I turn to reach out to you

to find you, to pull you closer

into the sweaty layers of passion

but you’re slipping

into the peachy sunlight,

frighteningly distant, too far out to control

Void / devoid

the sunlight tickling my eyes

insecurity slowly creeps in

my heart races, faster; against my will

making my toes painfully numb

your absence makes me hollow

you walked into my dream last night

and hugged me to bed, baby

“baby,” - you said, “I wish you were here”.